5 Fashion Tips for Rocking a Wrist Watch

Apart from being able to tell the time, there are other benefits of wearing a wrist watch. Sure, you will be able to tell that cute girl or guy who’s asking the time that it’s a quarter to seven according to your cell phone, but what about the fashion-wise qualities of wearing a watch? Take a look at some of the most important reasons for you to wear a watch and why wearing a watch is a good thing to do:

It’s omnipotent

One of the most important features of a quality piece of clothing or accessory is its ability to match plenty of different styles, outfits and combinations. A watch is just that – it goes well with everything. Of course, you will have to pay attention to its style, but speaking of types of events – you can literally wear it anywhere you go. If you want to go to a gym, a sport watch is a must, while work, going out, spending time with your friends in the mall can go well even with a nice and elegant watch. Of course, there are the classy ones that should never leave your house unless it’s a big celebration or event (not because it doesn’t match well but because it might be quite expensive for a night out at a club, for example). The bottom line is that it does match everything, especially nowadays when athleisure and mixing formal and sporty/informal is completely fashion-legal.

The wide range of options


Speaking of styles of watches, if you want to become an avid wrist watch wearer (can this be an actual phrase because it sounds cool?), you will have to experiment with different styles and see which one fits you the most, and which one you like the most as well. So, apart from the regular styles such as the sport watch, the classic gold, digital, etc., it would be good to check out some different styles of Japanese watches that are becoming more popular. This style in particular is not quite different from the rest of them, but they are quite unusual and rather noticeable on somebody’s wrist. Another good thing about them is that they can be sporty and formal at the same time. Tip: always try as many styles as you can and see how they look on your wrist.

Simple and elegant

Sometimes being overdressed is not a good thing. Actually, it rarely is a good thing, only because of the fact that there is no simplicity there. In 2020 it matters a lot if you add something rather simple to your outfit and appearance, as this is exactly what will make you fashionable and important – the ability to differentiate the simple from the complicated and exaggerated. A watch will bring that dose of simplicity all of us need while dressing up, no matter the occasion.

Requires nothing else

A watch has a unique power to make everything else unimportant. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing for a certain event (or a night out or afternoon coffee in the mall) – if you’re wearing a watch, you can skip other accessories. On the other hand, without one, you will be able to wear a bracelet or two, a necklace if you please, or even a signature ring. With a watch, all of this is totally OK, but also completely unnecessary. If you really have a necklace or a bracelet that you want to show off, you can wear it with a wrist watch, but there is no need as a watch is an amazing accessory on its own.

Passing down your sense of fashion

Finally, a watch is an amazing heirloom. If you want to give an amazing present to your son or your grandson, a watch is an incredible and timeless item to gift, even according to Esquire. Not only will you be giving them something that once was of great importance to you, but you will also be giving them something that has the spirit of the time that you lived in, and it can also be quite metaphorical.


Do you need more reasons why wearing a watch is simply a must? Find the one that you like in the sea of different styles, prices and brands, and rock it proudly. You need a watch, you just don’t know it yet.


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