5 Ways Accessories Can Instantly Upgrade Your Everyday Outfits

When we think of men’s accessories, we often focus on belts, shoes, and ties, never realizing just how big of an impact the right additions can have on our overall look. But apart from these basic elements, there are many simple and elegant accessories any man can wear in order to elevate and refine his everyday outfits, and make for a more intentional and put-together look. If you’re a man who wants to add some interest and style to his wardrobe, here are some ways you could upgrade your everyday outfits with great accessories:

A nice watch for a timeless style



More than just a time-telling device, watches are wonderful accessories that help to elevate and refine any outfit, while effortlessly conveying the message that you are a serious and professional man who values the smaller details. For that reason, one of the best fashion tips for rocking a wristwatch would be to invest in an elegant dress watch with a leather strap, preferably in a neutral colour such as brown or black. While smartwatches and sports watches might be great options for physical activity or casual wear, such a classic dress watch is truly appropriate for any occasion, and will always ensure you look put-together and refined.

Sleek scarves for a stylish look



Even though scarves can often be an afterthought for men, even during the colder seasons, they are classic and timeless accessories for a reason. Apart from keeping you warm and cosy, scarves can also be the ideal way to add more texture and dimension to your everyday outfits, just by incorporating an extra layer, or even some print and colour. As a general rule, it’s best to opt for high-quality fabrics such as merino wool or cashmere, and stick with neutral shades that perfectly complement your overall colour palette. When it comes to wearing them, scarves can pair beautifully with anything from blazers and suit jackets to trench and winter coats, making them the ultimate elegant accessory.

The right wallet to upgrade and refine



Wallets are undoubtedly an essential accessory, allowing us to easily carry our cards, cash, and any other daily necessities. However, most of us are used to carrying bifold or trifold wallets, which often end up being too big and bulky, thus instantly ruining our otherwise sleek and stylish outfits. Instead, a better alternative might be to opt for elegant money clips for men that still have the ability to hold all your daily essentials, while effortlessly fitting inside any pocket or bag without creating bulk. Being so slim, practical and fashionable, money clips will undoubtedly make you appear more elegant on a daily basis.

Simple jewellery for an alternative look



If you like to experiment with fashion and express yourself in a more distinct and individual way, men’s jewellery might be the perfect option for you. For instance, if your style is more trendy or alternative, you could try wearing a statement pendant earring or even a more classic Tiffany & Co leather bracelet to complete your daily looks. If your style is more minimalistic, but you’d still like to accentuate your outfits, then you should know about TAWO, a brand that perfectly combines the elegance of silver with unique designs to showcase your personality. No matter what you opt for, just don’t be afraid to embellish yourself with some elegant and refined jewellery pieces in order to elevate your style.


  • Cool sunglasses as an effortless update


While serving the important role of protecting your eyes from damaging sun rays, sunglasses can also be incredibly cool accessories that can instantly upgrade any outfit, whether it’s a laid-back or a business casual look. To that end, it would be a great idea to invest in at least one pair of quality sunglasses that suit your face shape as well as your personal taste and style, whether that means going for the classic aviators and clubmasters or more experimental shapes like round and geometric sunglasses, in an effort to achieve a more stylish and put-together look every day.

Although men rarely think about accessorizing their outfits, there are evidently a number of stylish accessories that will allow you to elevate your daily looks to a more intentional and elegant level, while also making you feel that much more confident and handsome; all you need to do is take your pick.


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