Daniel Wellington Watches


Hi ya’all! today I want to review one of the most trending watch brands at the moment: Daniel Wellington. It’s the kind of classic watch every guy needs in his live. The one I have is the 40mm ‘Classic Black Reading’. Besides choosing the model size you prefer, you can also pick between silver and rose gold for the case colour.

Daniel Wellington watches have this way of combining simplicity with elegance and class. They’re so easy to wear, whether you wanna go for a streetstyle look or going to a fancy, way too expensive dinner. Not to forget, they’re also ageless. For example when I showed my new watch to my dad he immediately wanted to borrow it sometime! My stepmom on the other hand used a different approach by saying the watch would fit him way better than me… Well, you can’t choose your family right? 😉

“DW watches have this way of combining simplicity with elegance and class.”

A few weeks ago, DW also launched its new ‘Black watch’. I already absolutely love them! Perhaps they’re less eye-catching than the other ones, given that they’re completely black, but nevertheless they’re super cool and different. You can order yours on the Daniel Wellington website and be sure to use my code ‘Dennisvanpeel’ to get 15℅ off! Even better news is coming: Due to the Black Friday weekend (25 – 28 of November), you’ll receive a free bracelet when buying a DW watch!You’ll only have to wait a couple of days before it arrives and then you can start enjoying your new classic timepiece.



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