Successful Dating Tips for Men

Dating can be a minefield with so many wrong things you can do and say—every little thing can often ruin a date or even a relationship. And relationships are already complicated by nature, even more if you want to make things work with someone you really like. But help can always be found. Here are a few dating tips for men to rely on when things get too tricky. 

Put yourself out there

If you’re an introvert, meeting new people can be intimidating, but you really need to put yourself out there if you want to find someone you like. You can get into dating apps or ask your buddies to fix you up. If you’re comfortable with people, feel free to scope the scene at your local bar, park or gym—this will increase the chances of finding someone you share interests with. And don’t be scared of rejection, it’s natural. 

Be yourself

When you score a first date, make sure to be yourself and not the person you think your date would want to be with. Being a ‘dream guy’ won’t work for too long, but instead, charm her with your unique personality. You don’t want your date to fall for the idea of you, but for who you are as a person deep inside. 

Leave a good first impression

When showing your true self, still make sure to leave a good impression—these can make or break your date. Try to impress your date with a little something that will show off who you are. Also, show her that you care about your image and hygiene—that’s always attractive. You don’t have to wear a suit to see a movie, but you must shower, tidy up your facial hair and put on something nice. If you leave a good first impression, everything else will be much easier. 

Be confident

No matter who you ask, confidence is attractive. Add confidence to your dating arsenal and your date won’t even care about some other minor flaws you might have. And to make things even more interesting, add a touch of enthusiasm to your date. If these two things are something you struggle with, just know that practice makes perfect. You can even experiment with your partner in the bedroom. Guys in Australia and all over the world can always introduce great adult toys to their partners and increase  intimacy without any consequences. Adult toys can do wonders for your confidence and show you a lot of things you might not have seen or tried out before. 

Let your date talk

While keeping the conversation alive is a good thing, you don’t want to do all the talking. Embrace the pauses in conversation to collect your thoughts and ask your date a simple yet interesting question to keep her engaged. This will show that you’re interested and that you know how to listen. 

Match her pace

If you and your date get in a relationship, make sure to follow her pace. Going too fast or giving out too much too early (setting expectations or oversharing) can overwhelm and scare off your partner. It’s best to take things easy and let her set the pace. Make sure to respect her decisions to go slow if that’s what she wants. 

Don’t control her

Being controlling is one of the biggest red flags in dating and all women know this. You don’t own your partner and it’s not their responsibility to report their every move. Let her do her own thing and enjoy things she’s passionate about. No one likes to spend time with someone who is breathing down their neck 24/7, especially in the early phase of your relationship. Just because you’re dating, it doesn’t mean you can monopolize their time. 

Be honest

You might not want to seem weak, clingy or desperate, but if you like your date, make sure to let them know it. After a great night out, you probably know whether there’s something real between you two. If yes, let her know how you feel. Not being ashamed of your feelings is very mature and it shows that you’re true boyfriend material. But, still don’t spill your feelings too soon into your first date or relationship. 

Finding love is a combination of patience, luck and perseverance, but if you have these tips up your sleeve, you can get a push in the right direction and jump into the right dating pool. So get yourself out there and good luck! 



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