What to do in Copenhagen?

the Danish Capital is not that large. I can compare it with my hometown, Antwerp, or Amsterdam. Another comparison with Amsterdam are the amount of bicycles. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer taking the bike in stead of the car, definitely in the city. Copenhagen wants to become the greenest city in the world by 2025, and in my opinion, there on the right track. Taking a cab in Copenhagen is expensive and will take you more time than jumping on a bike.

Nyhaven is the historical center of Copenhagen, which is directly visible by the amount of tourists and photo cameras. It’s main three elements are colorful houses, boats and Carlsberg from draft. It’s great to wander around, but prices overhere are quite expensive. If you’re looking for good food, you can better go to Papiroen. It’s an island across Nyhaven,  where you can find a large  indoor street food market. Take the cheesecake of the crême brullée donut,  and take a seat next to the water ;).

Looking for a less crowed spot to visit? Check out Jaegersborggade. Here, you can find all the hipsters of Copenhagen drinking coffee, shopping in vintage shops or eating organic ice cream.

Another great spot to eat is Sonny – Yes, we ate way too much during our stay.





Photos by Me & Matthias Geerts w/a Canon EOS Mark IV



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