What You Should Know About TAWO

A few weeks ago, Matthias and I started our very own men accessory brand, TAWO.
Why, you ask? Because we wanted to design cool, dynamic & affordable bracelets for young men. What’s so different about them? Well, they harmoniously beam elegance and roughness at the same time, causing them to be the perfect fit for every occasion.

TAWO started in The Philippines. Travelling together through this magnificent country for two weeks, it was then and there that we finally decided to make our dream come true: to start our own brand. During one of our beach-view dinners, we started brainstorming about a name. Several options passed the review, but we unanimously preferred TAWO, which translates into ‘men’ in Cubuano, one of the many languages in the Philippines.

We designed the bracelets ourselves and in doing so they really represent who we are and what we stand for. That’s why for example we choose to work with one of our favorite materials: silver. All bracelets are made with this premium commodity and no other materials are added. And at the top of the bill: they are hand-made. TAWO does not only sound great, but it also feels awesome. It is an inspiring brand that celebrates uniqueness within every cuff and bracelet.

Head over to the TAWO site to discover the collection.



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