Dennis Van Peel

My name is Dennis and I’m a 90’s college kid. At the moment I’m studying Applied Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp. In the future I would like to combine fashion and economics. A master of Fashion
Management is definitely on my to-do list. But in the end, the only thing we need to be is happy and enjoy our lives, right?

Menswear, that’s what it’s all about here. I like menswear, like Kanye loves Kanye. Enough said right? I try to combine casual outfits with streetwear. Small unique labels interest me as much as the fast fashion brands. By doing this, I hope to inspire you and give a daily dose of creativity.

My second love is food. Although I prefer to live healthy, I crave sugar and fastfood when I have a weak moment. Those everyday battles between abs and chocolate are known to everybody ( I guess?). But you know, a cheat meal every now and then didn’t kill anyone so far.

I adore travelling and that’s where most of my money (except shoes) goes to. After studying 5 months in Mexico and travelling in South-America I practically became half Latino and started to drink tequilla as water. Wild times!
I hope you now have a first impression about me,
myself and I. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!


Jorn Brinckman

My name is Jorn! Born and raised in beautiful Antwerp, Belgium. I’m an applied economics student at the University of Antwerp, specializing in marketing. If I had to describe my life in 6 hashtags, they would definitely be: #student, #workout, #food, #travel, #friends and #fashion. Here’s why…

The first three are pretty easy. I’m still a fulltime student, and to be honest, I love it! Since I have a lot of spare time, I can use that time for going to the gym and food. Yeah, I’m kind of a gym/food addict. However, I try to balance them perfectly (little bit more gym of course).

I’m also a traveller. I like to discover new places and new cities. Iceland, Canada, Mexico, half of Europe, …: been there, done that, loved it! In 2016, I even did a semester abroad in the USA. Seriously, some of the best months of my life. Of course, there’s still a lot more to see and do, but hey, I’m still young!

Finally, friends and fashion, both super important to me. Fashion is something that keeps me busy all day, every day. It’s something I can express myself with and it makes me feel good! Friends on the other hand, they just make me feel good and keep inspiring me! I’m lucky enough to have a few of the greatest people you’ll ever meet very close to me.

So, yeah, this is me! Any questions? Shoot!

Peter Minkoff

Peter here, a digital nomad in love with fashion, food, health, and fitness currently carrying his weight as a traveling blog writer. Although I am originally from Brisbane, the AU, I’m always on the run as they would say, finding my way around the world and broadening my horizons by experiencing different cultures, and of course, trying out yucky foods whenever I can!

I do all of this so that I can pass my experience on to you, and try to empower as many people as I possibly can to take their lives into their own hands, make a change and create their own lifetime adventure that will have them live out their true purpose on this planet and in this universe.

I hope you will join me on this journey, let’s make some amazing memories together.


Yme Brosens

My name is Yme. Yme? Yes, that’s correct. I know it’s a name which you don’t hear every day, but it exists! At the moment, I’m studying at the University of Antwerp.

I’ll tell you something more about which things I’m interested in. First, we have basketball. I started play ball when I was a kid and I still do. I love it, it gives me energy and this is of course the best motivation to keep going.

My second passion is street wear and especially sneakers. You can call me a sneakerhead (or just an addict?) for sure. I’m still adding kicks to the family and it won’t stop this quickly. So if you ever want to know something about shoes, don’t doubt to ask me!

Last but not least, we have photography. For now, you may still say I’m an amateur, but when I’ll have my degree, I would like to follow some courses to improve my skills.

Cheers, Yme.

Jesus Alvarez

Hola! My name is Jesús, maybe weird for you but so normal in Hispanic culture. I’m from Colombia, what is really cool cause we have spring-summer weather all year around. I’m born in a Colombian family that decents from Europeans ancestors which is really cool actually, because I have the best of both worlds

I used to live in the Unites States and France for improving my language but also to explore as much places around the world as possible. Wandering around the Italian streets is way more different than have a walk in Times Square or take a boat trip around the lakes in Chile. at the end, what matters is the feelling and the memories you will have. Next to traveling as much as possible, I’m studying Business Administration.

Un placer!

Pierre Greenhalgh

Hi, I’m Pierre and I’m a French-English hybrid living in the UK. I’m a former literature student and I’m now looking to spend my life writing about the things I love: culture and fashion. My main interests in fashion are menswear and haute couture; I am a huge admirer of great craftsmanship and am always looking to add elements of great quality and fantasy into my mundane life.

My personal style is pretty sleek and minimal- a lot of neutral colours paired with bright jewellery for added drama effect. I’m also a huge fan of books (don’t ask me what my favourite novel or writer is), film (I love a great sci-fi flick like Ex-Machina) and music (anything from Nina Simone to Serge Gainsbourg to Mariah Carey).

Basically, I like a lot of stuff and hopefully, on here, I’ll be able to write about all kinds of topics!

Tomislav Rupcic

Hi there! My name is Tomislav and I’m coming from a small country Croatia. Currently I’m studying graphic design at the University of Zagreb. Visual arts combined with PR management are something I’m really into and aspire to do in the future. Going abroad for a master’s diploma is definitely one of my top priorities on the list.

Few of my huge passions are travelling, visiting art exhibitions and partying on festivals. Going on festivals is kind of a hobby and at the moment I’ve visited some of the largest ones held in Europe.

Being a gypsy soul that I am, I get bored of the same places and habits very quickly, so I tend to look for new adventures and places to go to, all the time. I like having a change which makes me live outside of my comfort zone and experience new things.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our journey here that is ahead of us. Cheers!

Lorenzo Veppi

Hi there! Everyone calls me Veppi, which is my last name, but I’m Lorenzo! I’m 21 years old and currently living in the city of Antwerp. Originally I’m from a much smaller city called Genk, but I moved away to chase my dreams. Yay!

Soon I’ll be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, but I don’t want to become a journalist. Through my education I entered the world of entertainment and I found out that’s what I really love. I’ve been doing work for some TV stations, magazines and other companies. I just love creating content that makes people happy!

What I love most? Music! No, I don’t play an instrument and I’m not blessed with amazing vocal chords, but that doesn’t stop me from confidently screaming the lyrics to any song lol. I’m a pro at listening to music and blowing my money to concert tickets.

Maybe the most random introduction to who I am, but randomness is exactly what you can expect from me. See you soon!

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